Plastic Moving Crate Hire vs. Buying Cardboard Boxes

Posted on: 05/03/2012

Plastic Moving Crate Hire vs. Buying Cardboard Boxes
Decisions, decisions.
Whether for a Home or Office Move, think about what is most important to you and then balance out practicality and cost. Plastic Crate hire events incur a collection and delivery charge. This is sometimes unavoidable when a larger quantity of crates is needed and a hirer for whatever reason cannot pick-up or drop-off the amount of crates needed from a depot.
Of course the longer you have Moving Crates on hire the more it costs. Careful thought given to planning and timing the different parts of your move helps keep costs down.
We supply durable double-walled boxes that are of the highest industry standard. You can be assured that when taped up they will do an effective job and will not fail you. Plastic Moving Crates are particularly practical when protecting items of value and/or more fragile type items for transport as they are stronger than cardboard and less susceptible to weight stress. We always make point to say that because of the rigid, modular shapes, Plastic Moving Crates when packed well are easy to handle and stack extremely efficiently for safe transit.
Plus points are scored for cardboard boxes as a fixed price purchase means costs stays constant over time. if you have a way of re-using them at the end of your move that is another good thing.
Pluses for Moving Crates are that they can be delivered to then collected form anywhere in the UK. Seven depots up and down the country allow for pick-up and drop-off to avoid the delivery or collection costs.
Both Cardboard Boxes and Moving Crates are Available on Next Day Delivery from us.