Student Relocation Tips

Student Relocation Tips

Posted on: 13/10/2018


The best way to keep costs down when moving home or from halls of residence is to try to box everything.


Strong boxes that protect your goods well are always a positive as they:


1. Provide good protection for what is packed within.


2. Can handle the weight of what is contained within.


3. Can be lifted and handled safely.


Do not overload your boxes. About 20kg should be the heaviest weight of your larger boxes.


Don’t use boxes that are too big to pick up. You’ll struggle to safely efficiently pack boxes that are too big. You’ll struggle to safely lift and handle such boxes.


The largest size of box you should use should be about 50cm3.


When goods are to be transported overseas all the above is best observed.


It should be noted that generally it is cheaper to transport boxes by air than items of furniture. Goods sent by air arrive faster than by sea and do not need to be palletised.




The Bluebox Team