Removal Company Leeds

Removal Company Leeds

Posted on: 28/06/2014

Removal Company Leeds

If you are moving into or out the West Yorkshire area we hope you would think of us. See our ‘About Us ' page that gives you some information on what we do, how we operate and generally what our aims are as a business. Furthermore our reviews page brings together some feedback from a few places on the web.

We set up to initially to provide an Instant
On-Screen Quote for Home Moving. The web services we provide means you are able to at a time convenient to yourself, obtain an accurate quote for moving home. We aimed to develop a useful online system to provide a transparent, consistent and fair balanced quote in real-time.

We offer help for students with moving and
storage. During term-time or during the holidays, we are on hand to support their ad hoc needs. Students get 15% off the cost of moving.

We provide services for
business removals. Presently we provide services for small to medium-sized business. There are a number of things we do to ensure that continuity of business and minimum disruption to business is realised.

We provide a full
packing service to our customers when required. Here customers pay for staff labour costs and any packing materials used during a packing session. Generally when there is anything more than three hours of packing, we book a packing session in a day or a few days before Moving Day. Customers have the option to book in for self-pack, self-prepare moves. Whenever required, we offer guidance on our website or even over the phone.

We have an
online shop for boxes and packing materials. All boxes are double-walled and of the highest quality of industry standard. All products are available on next working day delivery.

We provide an online
crate hire service to the UK. You can order crates to be delivered to anywhere in the UK and in-turn collected from anywhere in the country. Our service is on next working day delivery as standard. Crates can also be pick-up or returned to one of several depots around the UK. Where this is preferred, there would be no carriage costs.

If we can be of service, please
contact us.

The Bluebox Team