How to prepare for your Movers for Moving Day in 10 steps.

Posted on: 26/06/2014

How to prepare for your Movers for Moving Day in 10 steps.
Everybody wants their move to go as stress free and efficiently as possible on Moving Day. Think of it as wiping off a plaster. You mentally psych yourself up first then ready... steady... go, and you whip it off.
If you are taking the time to pack up and prepare yourself for your move,it's not so hard with a little planning and guidance to help you along the way. You want everything to travel and get to the other end safely and in a clean state. Please see the Packing Guidelines section link below:
1. Start packing as early as possible. Doing too much close to Moving Day can add stress and pressure a time where there might be a lot of other things happening for you with your move.
2. Choose the right boxes. We advise a Large box and Small Box for packing up all your goods. Use doubled-walled quality boxes for adequate protection of your goods.
3. Do a box count to estimate how many boxes you need for the entire property. Go room by room visualising your goods into the various box types. This is a great way to get an average estimate for the total amount of boxes required.
4. Pack carefully with thought to boxes used and their weight. Both you and your movers need to be able to carry/handle the boxes with ease. There is no such thing as too much padding or too much protection to protect your goods. Use as much wrapping paper and bubble wrap as necessary to wrap and cushion fragile items. Pack smaller items into boxes wherever possible. It keeps little things together, safe and makes them easier to handle. Seal shut all you boxes with quality pvc tape.
6. Where bags are used ensure they are not overloaded and difficult to carry. Tie shut to keep everything inside.
7. Disconnect electronic devices and machines. Televisions, computers, washing machines, etc. to prepare them to be moved.
8. Try to bind loose items such as outdoor tools together spades, rakes, etc. Pvc tape is good for this.
9. Empty draw units, cabinets and pack your goods into boxes and bags. These items of furniture need to be handled around corners, up and down stairs and sometime parts need to be taken out in order to be moved. Less weight in this sought of furniture also makes it easier and safer for your Movers to handle.
10. Use a mattress cover, a sofa cover or an armchair cover where possible to protect and your sofas and mattresses. Covers keep them clean and safe and clean in transit.
If your chosen Movers work to acceptable standards they will give extra protection to your furniture and appliances where required. That's their job.
Of course if you have opted in for a packing service then you would not have to worry about most of the above.
Happy packing.
The Bluebox Team