5 great reasons for Moving to Leeds

Posted on: 16/04/2014

5 great reasons for Moving to Leeds
The Leeds Arena
Officially opened on the 4th September 2013, this has got to be potentially one of the most interesting excitingly venues not only for Leeds but for the whole of the UK. The venue brings a beautiful visually change to Leeds and more. Think first there’s the event then there’s the after-party venues in Leeds to be enjoyed. The city of Leeds will happily welcome more and more seekers of thrill, event watchers and after-party ravers. Hotels, restaurants and bars will gladly welcome visitors to the city with both swing doors open. We have only talked of the visitors to the city but let’s not forget Leeds Dwellers will also want to be partaking in the such fantastical on-going’s. It all a plus, plus, plus multiplying effect thing happening. This all amount’s to good for the city of Leeds.
The Royal Armouries Leeds
A museum of Arms, Armoury and Artillery. A display of examples of and the history is on full creative display. The various sections of the museum make for an interactive experience along with some technical operating information of some weaponry and artillery. When you visit, you get a sense the venue creators also want visitors to think on the causes, reasons and necessities of war. The interact experiences at various points in the museum sort of puts you in the place of the operators of weapons and somehow makes you visually see some of the challenges they may have faced. The armouries regularly stage events of battles and displays in their courtyard. A fun morning or afternoon out.
Trinity Shopping Centre Leeds
It's the newest centre to Leeds with over 120 shops including cafes, bars, restaurants and a cinema. You could easily spend hours here perusing the shops in the centre exclusive to Leeds and the West Yorkshire area. The interestingly designed centre is truly part of Leeds, to say it is actually part of Leeds City Centre in that it's main entrance have a feel of you are walking from outside into the centre but wierdly as well the inside the centre has an outside feel to it. Several sweeping alleyways lead into the place. A little hard to explain but go a see for yourself. You have got to go at least once.
Tropical World Leeds
It's a tropicalized world. The coolest thing about this place is that you get the idea that you are going through different climatic zones a the same time taking in the sites of the different creatures and animals on display. Everything from meerkats and birds to snakes and crocodiles. It's a lovely place that has grown in size recently and underwent refurbishment that started in Spring 2014. We should leave the rest to surprise.
Pole Position Indoor Karting
Lights out and Go!! Karting is lot's of fun for a family or a group of friends. You get to compete in a qualifying session before partaking in a racing. It's all about staying focused and keeping up your race pace. Challenge yourself and friends on the track and even look at your laptimes stats. It might also be a lot more affordable than you might think with quite a few specials and offers to make costs more agreeable. It's an interesting venue that also hosts parties and small events. Food and drink is catered on request.
What might be your top 5? Let us know...
The Bluebox Team