How many and what kind of packing/removal boxes do I need for my move?

Posted on: 14/05/2014

How many and what kind of packing/removal boxes do I need for my move?
This is one question we get asked everyday. The best answer to that question is that you have to estimate how many boxes are required by visualising things packed within your boxes. This might seem like a huge undertaking. Like any big problem, once broken into steps, it should be a bit more manageable.
1. For the sake of the estimate think of all boxes as being one size. Various sizes of boxes might be used to carry out a move mainly a SMALL, MEDIUM or LARGE box. Let’s assume al boxes are of average size. In this instance, consider all boxes to be of medium size. Where small and large boxes are used, the average box count should balance out in the end providing a good overall estimate.
2. Go room by room to think of the items to pack within each room and visualise how yours goods to be packed will fit into the boxes.
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When thought is given to how many boxes are need to pack things within a kitchen, we take an average size box put it to a kitchen cupboard side. Count the amount of cupboard sides you have and you soon realise an average figure for a (rough count) of boxes you require to pack up your kitchen.
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Generally single-walled boxes and double-walled boxes and generic type removal boxes you find on sale. Double-walled boxes provide the best degree of protection for you goods transit and storage. Double-walled boxes stack better with more resistance against crushing.
Add up the numbers for each room and you soon have a figure that resembles a complete box count for the entire property.
Which Removal boxes do I use for where?
Generally LARGE boxes can be used for all things including clothes, larger electrical devices. Most double-walled boxes of good industry standard, can be packed with up to about 20KG in weight. Pack with care, try not to overload boxes making then hard and unsafe to handle.
MEDIUM boxes can be used for packing heavier smaller items like books, electrical devices and other weighty type items that are not too large and would be easier handled in a box of such size. Again pack with care giving thought as to how heavy a box might be when it comes to moving it. If you are having to struggle lifting and placing items. Damage maybe be inflicted on the box without intention.
SMALL boxes are good again for books, smaller electronic devices, ornaments, loose things out of draws.
Various guides exist online as to the best practices for packing different kinds of goods into boxes. It should be said that no matter how good your removal boxes are, please make sure you utilise quality packing materials to further protect your goods for both transit or storage. Quality bubble wrap and packing paper go a long way to avoid mishaps and breakages. A good quality PVC tape will help to avoid a box coming apart when you least would like it to.
Wardrobe Boxes…
Wardrobe boxes are great for clothes that cannot be folded. Suits, gowns, robes and outfits travel safe hung on rails meaning they arrive at their destination as they left. Generally clothes bags work just as well. All other clothes can be folded into LARGE boxes.