The Oakwood Clock Renovation Project

Posted on: 20/05/2013

The Oakwood Clock Renovation Project
This year will see this Leeds landmark celebrate it's one hundreth aniversary since it was moved from Leeds Kirkgate Market where it was for nearly 5 years from 1908.
Over the years the clock has been somewhat neglected, the cast irons parts are rusting and the inside steadily rotting. The local council who own the clock cannot justify directing funds to restore the clock with the current economic climate. Campaigners are seeking donations and sponsorship from companies, organisations and the general public.
Some £30,000 is said to have been raised at this point. There has been a number of raffles and events organised to raise funds.
As a landmark it means many things to many people. What might it mean to you?
They need £120,000. Wanna support?
See their Facebook Page:  Oakwood Clock Restoration Campaign
The Bluebox Team